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Jeanne Takenaka

Beauty-seeker, word-wielder, God-follower

The camera reflects the author's love of photography, something that has helped her find her value

A Question from Jeanne Takenaka:

Have you ever felt safer behind life’s lens than in front of it? That if you had to brave being the one living out the photograph, you would be found wanting somehow? I’ve been there, friend. I have.

I’ve been the one who hides behind the camera because no one can see me there. I’m safe. Incognito. No one rejects the picture-taker.

When we’re behind the camera, we capture the beauty without being a part of the mess. 

But, being behind the lens prevents us from living our stories to the full. When we choose to step into the photograph, to be seen—to be valued—that’s when we begin to truly live. 

The fear of rejection often begins in our thoughts. It hinders our interactions and our ability to live in freedom. 

What about you?

Let me ask you, are you ready to risk a little? Are you willing to step into the open and to be seen, maybe even to face rejection? Rejection doesn’t have to hold us captive anymore as we discover our value.

Are you ready to move beyond fear and into the freedom of discovering just how valued you are by the Father who loves you most?  Then join me on this journey of living confidently. Become a part of my community.

C’mon. Let’s embark on this journey of discovering who God designed us to be.