What helps you hold onto hope?

My dear friend and guest blogger this week, Lisa Jordan, shares some truths she’s learned to help us hold onto hope when life throws us difficult changes. Please welcome Lisa!

As my husband and I traveled over Labor Day weekend, we remarked about the emerging colors on the trees. A week later, more pops of color are visible along the roadways. The changes in the leaves remind me of the changes we endure as we walk through life’s transitions and the need to hold onto hope.

At the end of last year, I took a break from partnering with Jeanne in hosting the #TellHisStory link-up because we learned my mom had been diagnosed with lung cancer. 

The news shook our family as we faced what that meant, but we remained hopeful, especially given the oncologist’s prognosis for her. We held onto hope when she faced a biopsy, PET scans, and numerous other tests and learned her lung cancer had metastasized into her bones, escalating it to Stage IV cancer. 

As her health declined, we held onto hope, praying for God’s healing hands to touch her. We clung to the oncologist’s 3–5-year prognosis. God answered our prayers, but according to His will and not ours. My mom passed away at the end of January, not even five months after the mass on her lung was found. 

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Four thoughts to help us hold onto hope

The ensuing months have been a journey we never wanted to walk but as we did, we held onto hope and moved through our grief. In addition to my mom’s cancer and subsequent passing, we also lost an uncle and a brother-in-law, and I experienced a few frustrating health issues. We couldn’t have gotten through these difficult seasons if it weren’t for holding onto hope. I’d like to share some suggestions for those of you who are facing some transitions in your life. 


God is our Hope. When we go to Him first, then He can be our comforter and guide through these transitions. 

Pray and talk to him about what you’re facing or experiencing. Share your emotions, even the negative ones—God can handle them. Dig into His Word. The Bible is filled with people who have walked through difficult seasons, and God showed up for each one of them. Cling to verses that feed your hope. Blast the praise and worship music and allow Him to minister to you through song. 


Others receive a blessing by being a blessing to others. Reach out to those in your circles and ask for help. So many are willing to stand in the gaps to keep you from falling through the cracks. My family, friends, and church family prayed for us, made meals, helped with errands, and listened with tissues in hand to dry our tears. 


How we view our circumstances will determine how we get through them. As we grow older, we will walk through many different seasons in our lives. There will be a balance of joy and sadness or positive and negative circumstances. We can’t control everything that happens around us. However, we can control how we view those circumstances and shape them in our thoughts. Our perspectives will determine the states of our hearts as we move through life’s transitions. 

E—Embrace joy

We can experience grief and sadness and still have joy in our hearts. God is our joy giver. His Word promises comfort to those who are feeling sorrow. Pray and surrender your situation to Him. Ask for His peace and comfort to surround you. Remember—your feelings and emotions are real and need to be validated. No matter what life transition you’re experiencing, allow yourself to feel those different emotions as you process the situation. 

4 Truths to Help Hold onto Hope Through Life’s Transitions—We can experience grief and sadness and still have joy in our hearts. God is our joy giver. @lisajordan #holdontohope #tellhisstory Click To Tweet
Hold onto hope yellow flower
4 Truths to Help Hold onto Hope Through Life’s Transitions 3


Life can be quite unpleasant. And some days, that’s a complete understatement. It’s so easy to spiral downward and allow our circumstances to steal our joy. But it doesn’t have to be that way. Instead of asking, “Why, Lord?” ask, “What do you want me to learn through this, Lord?”

God will turn your brokenness into beauty when you allow Him to cover you with His grace and mercy. Even though it’s tough, we need to embrace each season and hold onto Hope, and allow God to use these seasons to align our hearts with His will. Someone said to me, “We grow through what we go through.” When we choose to hold onto hope, trust God, and walk by faith, then we will see how He turns our difficulties into joy. 

What about you? How do you hold onto hope in life’s transitions? What truths have you learned in difficult seasons?

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