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How do you embrace the season you’re living in? 

I love being a mother. For the past eighteen years and some months, I’ve worn that title as a shawl wrapped around my shoulders. It’s woven into my heart. And though mothering is full of seasons, I believe one of the most demanding happens in the time when our children live in our homes. It took a long time for the gift of motherhood to come into my life and fill my heart and consume my thoughts. 

Father and small child walking, a reminder of when children are small we can embrace the season we live in

But when God gave us our two bundles in His perfect timing, I embraced the role, the responsibilities, the hard work with intentionality. I wanted to be the best mom I could to the two sons God gave us. I thought about the day that seemed so far away . . . the day they would don a robe and square-topped cap and tassel. 

And we’re here. 

A young man strikes a silly pose on a stage, the other end of a mothering season

Our oldest walks that aisle in a few short weeks to receive his high school diploma. And it feels like everything is about to change. 

Yet, that’s part of what mothering is about . . . equipping these children to one day discover and fulfill the call God placed on their lives. Being at the end of this part of the mothering journey has wreaked a bit of havoc with my heart. I find I must be purposeful to embrace the season of letting go.

We see our children’s strengths and struggles, perhaps better than almost anyone. And yet, it’s not our job to fix it all. Our children will leave our house with undone facets of their lives. As hard as Hubs and I have tried to prepare our sons for adulthood—as much as we poured into their characters—they both have issues that only God can address.

Two parents walk with a child on a path, a reminder that we can embrace the season we're in actively

As Our Seasons Change

Thank goodness our Father knows our children better than we do. And He loves them more deeply than we’re capable of loving them. He sees their frailties and knows how to strengthen them. 

Perspective: 5 Ways to Embrace the Season We Live In—Thank goodness our Father knows our children better than we do. And He loves them more deeply than we’re capable of loving them. #TellHisStory #perspective #mothering Click To Tweet
Two teenage boys climb a large rock . . . a picture of another mothering season to embrace

My role as their mom becomes one of supporting from the sidelines. Not that I won’t be involved in their lives, but that’s the thing . . . this is their life, not mine to live through them. 

I’ve loved every season of mothering . . . those newborn days when they cuddled close into me. The toddler years where they discovered the word, “No!” And so much more. The elementary years where they fell in love with reading and learning. And the awkward junior high years as they began to discover more of who they are. High school years where we’ve begun to talk about bigger concepts, where testing has happened, and conversations have been deeper. 

Three young men walk on the beach together, a visual that moms embrace the season of letting go of their children

How Do We Embrace The Season We’re in

Look Beyond the Hard Moments

Look beyond the hard moments to the overall picture of that chapter. We’ve definitely endured some tough times in the teen years. But having a front-row seat as our boy-men discover their likes, dislikes, passions, and beliefs has been amazing. 

Ask for God’s Perspective

When we’re having a difficult time in a season, sometimes it helps to ask God to give us His perspective, to help us see what’s going on through His eyes. When we can view even the hard times through His lens, we’re better able to walk through them.


More and more, prayer has become my go-to. When life overwhelms and everything seems to be going haywire simultaneously, prayer is our stabilizer. Writing it out. Putting words to the overwhelm and lifting them to the One who has the answers helps us get through the tough times, and to later see the value of walking through that season.

Live Into Each Moment

One thing I’ve loved is when one of the boys comes and sits in the wingback chair in my project room. They’re offering an unspoken invitation to turn from what I’m doing and give them my full attention. I’ve never once regretted pausing in an email or writing to be fully present with one of our boys.

Find Things You’re Grateful For

Find things you’re grateful for in the middle of the season you’re in. Gratitude sets the heart on a healthy course. Whether things are smooth sailing or your boat is being tossed, gratitude is our anchor for our souls.

Perspective: 5 Ways to Embrace the Season We Live In—Whether things are smooth sailing or your boat is being tossed, gratitude is our anchor for our souls #TellHisStory #perspective #mothering Click To Tweet
A meme with the words, "Whether things are smooth sailing or your boat is being tossed, gratitude is an anchor for our souls." on a backdrop of a photo of two teen boys on a boat with the ocean in the background

With our next season looming, I need God’s grace to help me let go so we can finish this phase well. We aren’t saying goodbye to our relationship. Rather, we are on the cusp of a new beginning. Roles will be redefined, but love will still guide. 

A young man smiling and looking into the distance, visual that reminds the reader to embrace the season in parenting also means to let their children move into adulthood

I’m excited to see what God will write on the blank pages of our son’s next chapter. I look forward to embracing whatever comes next for him.

What about you? How do you embrace the season you’re walking in? What helps you keep a good perspective when you hit rough places? What would you add to this list?

***With Peter’s graduation almost here, I’ll be taking the rest of the month off to prepare for and to celebrate our son. I’ll see you back here June 1st!

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