Has anyone else struggled with understanding our identity in Christ?

Our oldest, Peter, was about ten months old when I found myself struggling to believe I had any significance whatsoever. I’d gone from being the center of our women’s ministry at church to what felt like being placed on the furthest back corner of the very highest shelf. 

I’d rooted my identity in being a military wife, a women’s ministry director, Bible study leader and teacher And then, after we adopted Peter, I stepped back from most of the roles where I’d found my significance. Who was I really?

Though I’d chosen to be a stay-at-home mom, my life felt empty. Friends continued in their roles serving at our church, serving their families, making connections with each other. 

While I . . . I was grappling with what my calling as a mom looked like. 

An image of a father and daughter playing in the waves at a beach . . . a visual of our identity in Christ as we walk as God's children

What is our identity in Christ?

Whether we only recently began to believe in Jesus, or we’ve walked with Him for years, we sometimes need reminders of our identity in God’s eyes. 

Two foundational truths

We are loved by God

Completely. Perfectly. Passionately. God created each of us, knew us before the beginning of time. Jesus died for us. Why? Because He loves us.  

We are children of God

But we are not cookie-cutter molds of each other. God crafted us with our own set of DNA, passions, “super powers” or things we’re good at. He has a purpose for each of us.

6 Sure Ways to Embrace Our Identity in Christ— God crafted us with our own set of DNA, of passions, of “super powers” or things we’re good at. He has a purpose for each of us #tellhisstory #identity #faith Click To Tweet

Being a “child of God” looks different as we grow in our relationship with Him. A kindergartner has one kind of relationship with parents, and a college student or a new mom (or dad) has a more mature relationship. 

Teens push against their parents as they grow toward adulthood. We sometimes do that with our Father. As we seek to know Him, our love for God grows and deepens. We won’t always be obedient. We won’t always follow Him whole heartedly, but we are still God’s kids. And He still loves us.

An image of a duck swimming all alone . . . symbolic of how we each feel at times as we grapple to understand our identity in Christ

How do we embrace our identity in Christ?

Understanding our identity in Christ and how this impacts the way we live is crucial. When we embrace our identity in Him, we live differently. More confidently.

6 Sure Ways to Embrace Our Identity in Christ— When we embrace our identity in Him, we live differently. More confidently #tellhisstory #ouridentity #faith Click To Tweet

6 ways to embrace our true identity

  • Be sensitive to what God speaks to us in each phase of our walking with him. The way we look, think, and act shapes our relationship with Him. But, we’ll always be a child of God. Children are called to obey their parents. As we obey God, we’ll grow deeper in our relationship with Him.
  • Get to know God by spending time in His word. When we make it a discipline to read and meditate on what God says in the Bible, we better understand His character . . . which enables us to grasp how He views and loves us. Which enables us to embrace our identity in Christ.
  • Apply the truths God shows us in His word. Is this easy all the time? NO. But, when we trust God enough to do what he tells us in His word, we will grow in our understanding of our identity in Christ.
  • Remember God’s truth, especially when we struggle with understanding who we are in the world. We are loved. We are His kids. Basing our identity on these realities makes it easier for us to not feel as condemned when our views are in opposition to the culture.
  • Don’t compare ourselves with other believers. Remember we are unique. No two people are completely identical. As we seek to understand the giftings, the strengths He’s given, the issues we struggle with in the light of believing we are loved unconditionally and completely, we will live in the identity God has uniquely given us. 
  • Seek God’s plans for our lives. God created each of us to carry out certain works, plans he crafted before our planet ever began to spin around the sun. We each have a purpose only we can fulfill. When we ask the Lord to both reveal our purpose and enable us to complete it, He will help us


On that long ago day, as my tears fell before the Lord and I asked Him to show me anything that indicated I had value, He asked me this:

“If no one else loved you, and I was the only one who loved you, would that be enough for you?”

This question rocked my understanding of my identity. But, it also opened my eyes to heart beliefs that needed to be realigned. As I began to view my identity—my value—through the filter of His love, my heart became free of the chains of people-pleasing and seeking approval from humans. 

A meme that says, "When we view ourselves through the lens of God's love, it alters the way we understand our lives." on a backdrop of aqua green ocean water amid black rocks

When we view ourselves through the lens of God’s love, it alters the way we understand our lives. When we know we are always God’s children—He’ll never disown us—and we embrace the truth we are loved by Him, God transforms us.

Our Father wants us to remember that, even when the world tries to color us with unfair, inaccurate strokes, it doesn’t matter. What matters is that we believe we are His. This is enough to solidify our identity in Christ.

What about you? When have you struggled to understand your identity? What has shaped your understanding of our identity in Christ?

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