What is the best time of year to reflect on our present blessings? I know. Sounds like a trick question.



Mother’s Day?

Father’s Day?

Our birthday?

How about every day? Most of us know we should reflect on our present blessings, but there are reasons we aren’t intentional about doing this. 

I love this quote by Charles Dickens:

C Dickens Reflect on Daily Blessings
7 Helpful Ways to Reflect on Our Present Blessings 5
  • We may be walking through a difficult season in life, one that consumes our hearts and thoughts. 
  •  Our lives may be really busy (especially during this time of year!).
  • Distractions could be permeating our thought life.

Truths to remember

Especially when walking through those seasons that stretch us so thin people can almost see right through us, we need to remember some truths. 

God is with us always.

Which means we are never alone.

Nothing we’re walking through takes our Father by surprise.

We will get through the current season. Even the worst trials have an ending point.

7 Helpful Ways to Reflect on Our Present Blessings—Remember some truths.  God is with us always. Which means we are never alone. #practicegratitude #presentblessings Share on X

Why are these truths important? Because no matter what we face right now, we can find present blessings to thank God for. He shows up in our days in many ways. But unless we’re looking, we may miss the blessings He has for us.

Yes, sometimes that blessing may be relief or removal of the trial we’re in. 

More often, the blessing is His gentle presence beside us as we walk through the hard.

Choosing to look for and reflect on our reasons for gratitude keeps us aware of God with us. 

Some of my recent blessings include:

  • beautiful Indian summer days
  • Moments talking with my husband
  • Coffee with treasured friends
  • Phlox blooming . . . in November
  • Stunning sunrises and sunsets
  • A good night’s sleep
  • Safe travels for my appointments or on a road trip
  • Online friends and blogging community

Present blessings may or may not be significant in others’ eyes. What we’re looking for are those small ways God tries to say, “I love you!” in our days.

Ways to reflect on present blessings

Sometimes, all we have time to do is quickly notice something and whisper a “Thanks, God!’

When we take time to practice gratitude, we acknowledge God’s nearness. 

  • Keep a journal where you write 3-5 blessings from each day. I actually do this in my planner. I like to find at least 1,000 blessings in a year.
  • Before we rise from bed each morning, spend a moment in prayer, thinking about yesterday’s blessings and thanking God for them
  • Spend a few moments at the end of the day to reflect on the events and thank God for showing up.
  • Take a walk and observe the beauty around us, spend some time thanking God for specific things He’s done in our or loved ones’ lives recently
  • Thank God for the ability to do our daily tasks like preparing meals, exercising, driving places, and washing laundry. Let’s thank Him for good food, for cars that drive, and for the funds to do those things we get to do
  • Consider ways we’ve seen God working in others’ lives—both people we know and those around the world—and thank Him for being present
  • Choose to consider where God’s fingerprints were in those hard seasons we’ve walked through instead of only reflecting on past misfortunes.
7 Helpful Ways to Reflect on Our Present Blessings—When we take time to practice gratitude, we acknowledge God’s nearness #choosegratitude #godspresence Share on X
Present blessings fall beauty
7 Helpful Ways to Reflect on Our Present Blessings 6

This is just the beginning of ways we can find the benefits of practicing gratitude and direct our hearts toward our Father. 

I’m keeping this short this week. For those who live in the United States, I hope your Thanksgiving celebration holds remembrance of the many freedoms and gifts we have living here and fun memories with loved ones. 

What about you? What helps you reflect on present blessings?

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