For the last number of years, I have tried to live intentionally. 

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Before our sons came to us, I worked in our church’s women’s ministry. I loved interacting with the women in our body, leading and teaching Bible studies, and being a part of the inner workings of our church.

When our oldest came along, I transitioned from being at the center of everything to feeling like I lived on a shelf. For an approval-seeking ambivert, this change shocked my heart and thoughts. 

As our son grew, I strived to become more involved again, trying this activity and that service opportunity. I attempted to fill a void only God could fill. 

My craving to be involved distracted me from living intentionally.

What does it mean to live intentionally?

According to Allaya Cooks-Campbell of, living intentionally means “thinking ahead and making choices based on your personal values, beliefs, and goals. People who live with intention try not to act on impulse but instead, think ahead and choose things that affect their lives positively.”

Living intentionally—a choice

Living intentionally is a choice we make with every decisionWhen we understand our values, beliefs, and goals, we can make choices that support each. 

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If you’re like me, setting these aside is easy because life is so busy. Daily demands crop up—in the forms of others’ expectations, job requirements, family needs, home responsibilities, and more. When we try to meet every demand, living in a way that supports our callings becomes difficult.

How we can make the changes to live intentionally and more fulfilled

Making changes begins in the heart and the mind. 

Heart shifts

Busyness will steal all we’re willing to give it. But when we know God’s purposes and believe He has callings for us, we will shift our priorities to align with God’s best for our lives.

Heart shifts take time. Especially when we’ve struggled to believe God and people value us, accepting the truth that we should live into our God-given callings and purposes requires a heart reset. 

This may require us to spend time alone with God and asking Him to show us our value in His eyes . No, this isn’t all about self-esteem. But until we realize God values and loves us, it’s almost impossible to believe it’s okay to make changes to live intentionally.

A few tips to live intentionally

We must find balance. Fully devoting ourselves to our calling, goals, or dreams to the point of ignoring people and our responsibilities is one unhealthy end of the pendulum. On the opposite side is fully devoting ourselves to everything but the calling God has given us. 

We must ask for God’s perspective so our hearts can align with His.

When we’ve spent time with our Father, gaining His insights on our intrinsic value, we can ask Him to show us His purpose. Finally, we must trust that God has given us callings, desires, goals, and dreams.

Ask for His guidance in how to live into these in His way and timing.

Mindset shifts

God has created each of us with a specific purpose, often with more than one. We have roles: spouse, parent, employee, etc. Carrying out our responsibilities for these roles can lure us to become too busy to focus on our purpose. Often, our callings intersect with these roles.

If you’re like me, perhaps you’ve struggled with believing your purpose or goal is less important than everything else on your plate. An early step toward living intentionally comes when we think through our callings and dreams and grasping how to fulfill them. Then, we must prioritize how we spend our time each day

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Truths to remember

God loves each of usHe values the callings He’s given us. He created us to fulfill specific things, and we are the ones who can best do them. We may be the only person who can reach out to that neighbor across the street. Others may be able to encourage in a similar way, but they won’t do it the same way we will because they are different from us.

When we become distracted by our roles and allow them to hold a too high place in our priorities, we can’t live into the calling God has given us. 

Living intentionally each day is impossible when we become busy with other demands. 

If we want to live intentionally, we must decide that our callings deserve our efforts and time. And that this is okay with God.

An image of a dirt path winding through a grove of golden aspen trees . . . symbolic of how when we want to live intentionally, we must choose how we can best do this and walk out the choices
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I’d prayed for years for the gift of motherhood. When God finally answered that prayer, I struggled with the busyness of meeting baby and toddler needs and my desire to be involved outside my home. 

After I embraced my new role as a mom, letting go of the external things became easier. As our boys and my mothering wisdom grew, God gave me insight into how to live intentionally in the season I was in. He helped me find the balance between mothering, writing, and other opportunities He brought my way.

When we live intentionally, we live fulfilled.

What about you? What helps you live intentionally? How has this changed through seasons of your life?

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