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Award-winning writer and blogger Jeanne Takenaka creates stories where faith and grace hold hands in relationships with people and with God. She’s been married for twenty-seven years to her real-life hero and is a mother to two adult sons. They live in Colorado. She loves making memories with her family, hanging out with friends, and savoring a great oat milk latté. When not writing, you can usually find Jeanne, camera in hand, looking for #alittlebitofpretty in her days. She’s a member of the American Christian Fiction Writers (ACFW) and Novel Academy.

Can I be honest about our value?

I still remember the day a boy spit in my hair at school when I was twelve. I had no one to wrap their arms around me and tell me he was wrong. That I was more than his actions declared. Rejection walked beside me throughout my growing up and college years, reminding me often that I was “less-than.” I wasn’t enough. I didn’t understand my value.

Dwelling on the fringes of my peer circles felt safe. If I was invisible, no one would make fun of me . . . right? Existing on the fringes, living behind the lens—rather than in front—leaves us empty. Safe, but unsatisfied. 

As I grappled to understand these feelings and through some wise women God placed in my life I began to grasp that those beliefs were lies. It was many more years of bringing my inaccurate thoughts to the Lord and seeing them through the filter of His word that His truth erased those lies. He showed me that because I am His, that makes me enough.

God views us through a love-filter. To Him, our value is inestimable. As we learn to live in His truth, some of our hidden dreams may resurrect in our hearts.

Guess what? The world doesn’t have the final word on our value. If you’ve struggled with rejection’s scars, with truly understanding your value, I get it. You can find words of affirmation, and you can offer words of truth. We can encourage each other along this path called life.

Let’s put on some brave and step in front of life’s camera with our proverbial arms around our shoulders and smile big for the picture. 

A autumn-colored tree-lined path to show walking on a path

Jeanne Jots:

    • Married to a man better than I could have dreamed of
    • Mom of two amazing young men (and often on her knees)
    • Daughter, sister, friend
    • Loved by God
    • Blogger and fiction writer 
    • Colorado girl
    • Beauty-seeker
    • Hobby photographer
    • Closet travel enthusiast
    • Popcorn addict
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