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My name is Jeanne Takenaka, and I might be a little bit excited and a lot humbled to be your hostess for the weekly #TellHisStory linkup. 

We are each living a story . . . the joys in our journeys seem to go hand-in-hand with every bump in the road. The Lord has chapters for our stories, and within each scene He imprints more of Himself onto the pages of our hearts and our blogs. 

In this space, we have the opportunity to share glimpses of our stories with others, to encourage one another along the journey, and to grow in community, which is what I dearly hope happens here. 

The TellHisStory linkup began with Jennifer Dukes Lee, who hosted it for many years. In May 2018, Mary Geisen accepted the baton for nurturing this beautiful community. And she passed the baton to me in October 2020. I fully expect there will be some growing pains as we continue to share our stories in this space. I also believe encouragement and friendships will be the fruit we each harvest. 

We have the privilege of continuing the legacy for which Jennifer so carefully laid the foundation. Everyone is welcome here, and sharing our stories is why we link up. Your story matters, and this community needs you. 

Think about this quote as we endeavor to create community here:

“The true story of every person in this world is not the story you see, the external story. The true story of each person is the journey of his or her heart.” ― John Eldredge Brent Curtis, The Sacred Romance Drawing Closer To The Heart Of God

Here’s how to join the #TellHisStory linkup each week.

  1. Write your own #TellHisStory post, straight from your heart onto your own blog.
  2. Link up and invite your friends by posting the #TellHisStory badge onto your own blog (this is in progress!).
  3. Enter your post each Tuesday at 7:00 AM EST when the link-up opens by clicking the blue linky button. Be sure you link to a specific post, not your entire blog page.  
  4. For each link you post, visit one or two neighbors and leave your own encouragement. And, maybe visit other sites as well and leave a little love. Sharing on social media is always appreciated. Use the hashtag #TellHisStory so others can find us.
  5. This linkup is intended to be a place where people can find encouragement, rather than having a primary purpose to sell products. Please link posts that focuses first on encourage readers.
  6. Be sure to link back to this page so others can join in the fun!

Today you are saying “yes” to change and growing a legacy that points to God. Let’s allow change to move us forward rather than hold us back. Share the news and encourage others to join us in this safe place where stories matter and who we are is all because of God.

And the story continues, with you!

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