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“Hallelujah it is finished . . . 

We thank You for the cross.”

“A violent hope shook the ground . . .”

I was standing with our church family, singing this song some weeks back. We’ve worshiped the Lord many times through this song. But on this particular morning, these phrases caught me. Turned my brain around a bit.

I never thought about hope being violent. The word “hope” has always struck me as a gentle thing, like a quiet, steady rain falling, or a pastel sunrise.

big waves

But it’s true. Sometimes hope only comes through sacrifice. 

Hope is not a weak concept, something only given to those whose lives are troubled.

Hope is that bigger-than-life-rescuer that hovers over the darkest situation, waiting to offer light and something—Someone—to cling to.

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Hope lifts us out of despair, enables us to take the next step forward.

Hope comes from the work Jesus did. His death was not a gentle death. It was brutal. Violent. Cruel.

He sacrificed His life for ours in the most agonizing way possible. And the amazing thing is? He did this out of love. For us. He died for everyone, whether or not people choose to accept His gift of love.

crown cross stone

It’s when we are at the end our ourselves, when we’ve made what seem like inexcusable choices, unforgivable decisions . . . 

When darkness is all we can see . . . 

That Hope is present.



We only need to do one thing: accept the truth of Jesus’ words. The reality of what He’s done for us. 

woman in the rocks near waves

The reality that Jesus is with us. Through every circumstance. Every loss. Every regret.

No choice, decision, or mistake is beyond the hope of forgiveness . . .

Beyond the acceptance and love Jesus extends.

The hope He offers came from violence. Sacrifice. 

But for us, hope becomes beauty, peace, grace.

Hope becomes reality—a settling presence—when we turn toward Jesus in trust.

hope turn toward jesus

We have to choose to embrace Hope—the One who carved a way out of the darkness.

Hope comes in knowing that the work of the cross is finished. And His gift is offered to all who choose to believe Him and the story of His gospel.

What about you? What is the most surprising thing about hope to you? When has hope lifted you from a dark place?

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