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Since I was fourteen and read a forbidden Judy Blume book, I’ve yearned to be a writer. Not just a writer, but a published author. 

I buried this dream for decades because I never thought I was good enough. But some years ago, a story idea clicked in my heart. And I began to write. I love writing contemporary stories . . . some romance and some women’s fiction. 

My writing tends toward stories about relationships and healing in broken lives. My most recent completed story looking for a publishing home is His Columbine Girl.

Here is the back cover copy: 

She’s a small-town girl clinging to control

Since a childhood traumatic incident, caution dictates Amelia Perry’s every decision. Being the owner of her grandmother’s bookstore in Columbine Creek, Colorado, is her one safe place. But the shop is losing money, and Amelia can’t afford to hold onto this security and still keep a safety net around her life.

He’s a city boy always striving for more

Adventure-loving Everett Truman has a stellar reputation as a deal-closer in the Denver business community. He needs just one thing to secure the promotion his boss keeps dangling in front of him: to secure the signature for the purchase of a small bookshop in Columbia Creek. A simple enough task—until the building’s roof collapses, chasing away his hopes of impressing his boss.

Learning to trust could be the adventure of their lives

Now Amelia and Everett must work together to restore the shop. But the deal may be off when someone sabotages their efforts. Can two opposites stop trying to control their lives and learn to trust God . . . and maybe each other?

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