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In May, I participated in a twelve-day Instagram writer’s challenge. It was both stretching and fun. We were given a different word each day and created posts about those words relating to our writer’s life. 

As I contemplated each word, I discovered correlations between writing life and real-life. I’ve expanded on the original posts, and I’d love to read your thoughts on these words as they relate to your life as well.


My friend and mentor, author Rachel Hauck, says, “Writing is rewriting.” 

A first draft is never a finished draft. Fiction writers have to develop the plot line, strengthen our characters, deepen their emotions, and sometimes rewrite large portions of the story. But, in the end, the story is stronger and much better for the hard work we do.

As I thought about what “rewrite” looks like in my life, I see my “first draft”—meaning the things I believed about God, myself, and others. 

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I grew up believing a lot of lies about myself . . . about others’ perception of me, about my value or perceived lack of value to others. I’ve shared before how I lived the first few decades of my life feeling like I was “less than.” These beliefs stemmed from cruel, careless words other kids wove into the fabric of my early years. Words that conveyed lies that seemed oh, so true.

As I’ve aged, the Lord has had to write over those initial lies. He’s gracious enough to give us the opportunity to see beyond what we think we know about ourselves to the truth of His vision for us. 

Meme with white flowers that says: "When we turn to God for truth and clarity . . . 
When we ask Him to show us His place in our lives . . .
And we ask with open hearts . . .
God speaks His truth over us."

When we turn to God for truth and clarity . . . 

When we ask Him to show us His place in our lives . . .

And we ask with open hearts . . .

God speaks His truth over us. 

I grappled with feeling insignificant to others. Like the girl on the outer edge of the community circle. I struggled with the lie that I didn’t really belong in the circle of friends and women. 

The Lord asked me a question about one lie in particular that I had clung to, a lie that had shaped my identity. A lie that defined how I viewed God. His question stopped me. 

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As my answer surfaced in my thoughts, I felt such shame. Not because God shamed me, but because I had to admit to Him this inaccurate thing I believed about Him. 

After that morning conversation, after I acknowledged my wrong belief, the Lord began to rewrite some of my other “beliefs” as well. He spoke truth and rewrote it over the lies I’d believed for years. 

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It’s as we begin to live in His truths that He’s able to transform the stories of our lives from something bruised, broken, and needing fixing, into something beautiful.

I’m so thankful the master Author already knows our stories. He knows the struggles we’ll face. He knows how our experiences will shape our beliefs. And He knows the beautiful truths He intends for us to learn about Him and ourselves. He pens redemption and freedom over lies and captivity.

A small flower peeking out from behind much larger rocks

And, just as the first draft of an author’s book is never the finished draft, often the first drafts of what we believe is not the final word.

I’m thankful our Father has the power and the willingness to rewrite our stories with the permanent ink of His love.

What about you? Where have you seen God write redemption in your life? How has God redefined your identity?

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