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Have you ever been surprised when you read in one of the books of the Law? Honestly, sometimes, I’m tempted to skim the dos and don’ts. I’m reading through Exodus right now, and God stopped me in chapter seventeen. I saw anew how we are created for community.

God’s people had only just been freed from Egypt. They had just walked across the Red Sea’s bottom.

In this chapter, Amalek picks a fight with Israel as they wandered in the desert. Moses instructs Joshua to gather some men to fight the battle. 

And then Moses trekked up a hill that overlooked the battleground. 

And that’s where God stopped me. 

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There’s Moses, holding God’s rod in his hands and raising his arms high, as God directed. And at first he was strong. He had this handled.

Until his arms grew too heavy to hold high anymore. The thing was when his arms were raised, Israel had the upper hand in the fight. But when Moses’ arms lowered, Amalek grew stronger. 

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Why We’re Created For Community

God didn’t create us to fight battles—to walk through struggles—alone. Can I be honest and say that sometimes I mistake myself for Super Woman? I try to don my golden lasso and my belt, and I fall into this crazy belief that it’s all on me . . .

my children’s walks with the Lord and their unique struggles as they figure out life, 

taking care of our family and extended family’s needs, 

keeping up with boys’ and Hubs’ schedules, 

maintaining the house, 

being our family taxi driver, sometimes-counselor, short-order cook, 

living godly, writing, and doing all the things . . . 

Here’s the truth: trying to do this all on my own leaves me weary. Can anyone relate? 

As Moses valiantly led two million people out of captivity, the weight of that heavy responsibility rested on his shoulders and his heart. But God . . . He provided people to help Moses in this hard, holy calling. Aaron became his mouthpiece. I suspect Marian was his worship leader. 

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Joshua had become his support and general. And, in this battle between Amalek and Israel, Aaron and Hur upheld and strengthened Moses. 

Just as Moses needed help, so do we. God created us for community. He created us to “be better together.” Life will bring us battles. Some will feel overwhelming

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In this Tell His Story community, we have the amazing opportunity to hold up each other’s arms. As we share our stories, our struggles, our victories, our lessons learned, we get to cheer each other on. We have the privilege of giving virtual hugs, of encouraging. And, of holding each other’s arms high for God’s glory. 

We’re each living our own stories, but they become interwoven when we share them. As we put words to our own stories, God has a way of defining truths in our hearts. When we read others’ words, He can reveal more of Himself to us. He gives us the gift of sharing with others so we can be encouragers, truth-speakers, cheerleaders, and come-alongsiders. 

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Three Lessons From Moses’s Life

As we continue to build our beautiful Tell His Story community, let’s remember a few lessons from Moses’ life:

  • God may allow us to “do life” in our own strength . . . for a little while. But, like Moses, we will grow weary. When we’re willing to accept help and encouragement, we can be strengthened to continue to fulfill the callings He’s given us.
  • Our Father has placed Aarons and Hurs in our lives. Remember? We were created for community. Some of them may be here in this weekly linkup. We never know the impact that a word fitly spoken will have on another’s life. 
  • Moses had encouragers; so do we. As we travel on together, each step bringing us closer to the eternal Promised Land, this community can be a place where we find courage, comfort, and compassion. And as He leads, relationships will grow as we encourage each other through words, through prayer, and through sharing. 

And How Did It End?

By the battle’s end, Joshua had led Israel to victory. Moses’ arms were upheld by Aaron and Hur, a reminder that God was still God, and He was still protecting His people.  

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God has victories in our lives too. No matter what battle we find ourselves in right now, whether for our children’s hearts, a health battle, or something else, God stays with us. And He’s given us encouragers and supporters to walk with us. 

Let’s lay aside our capes and lassos and allow the Aarons and Hurs in our lives to strengthen us. 

What about you? Who has God placed in your life as an encourager or a strengthener? What encourages you most when you’re in the middle of life’s struggles?

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