Why is it so hard to believe we are beautiful in God’s eyes?

I leaned against a wall in a stairwell of my junior high, books hugged tight to my chest, waiting for the friend I always walked home from school with. I just wanted to be invisible and for her to meet me so we could escape the building’s confines.

Instead, a boy in our grade stopped and taunted me with, “Spaghetti head! Spaghetti head!” Apparently, my fine hair was stringy rather than stylish, and he felt the need to point that out. Though no one else heard his mean words and tones, they embedded in my heart and my self-perception. 

Being bullied in elementary school caused this sensitive girl to draw inward. Though the words came from a boy who was probably as insecure and unhappy with himself as I was, they burrowed deep, stinging as they sliced through the layers of my heart. 

Those words shaped me . . .

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What about you? What helps you to see yourself and your value through God’s eyes? How do you define beauty?

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