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From the time I was fourteen and read a forbidden Judy Blume book, I’ve yearned to be a writer. Not just a writer, but a published author. 

I buried this dream for decades because I never thought I was good enough. But about ten years ago, a story idea clicked in my heart. And I began to write. I love writing contemporary stories . . . some romance and some women’s fiction. 

Each story seems to deal with relationships and healing in broken lives. My most recent completed story looking for a publishing home is: Keeper of Secrets, a story about two estranged sisters who must grapple with whether their relationship can be redeemed or if past betrayal is too much to overcome. 

Here is the back cover copy: 

Should every broken relationship be mended?

 Insecure shop manager Aimee Chadwick dreams of owning her parents’ camera shop, the one place where she’s always felt safe. When her parents announce they’re closing it, she insists she can make it successful. They agree to a three-month trial, but only if she works with her business-savvy older sister, Jenae Golden. 

The last thing Aimee wants is to stand in her sister’s perfect shadow again—and she and Jenae have barely spoken in years. But Aimee has no choice if she wants her dream to become reality. She agrees, determined to prove she doesn’t need Jenae’s help.  

As the sisters work together, they begin to talk . . . and to discover they’ve misjudged each other. Their hearts begin to mend, until Jenae makes a decision that betrays Aimee’s trust. 

As they each tiptoe through the debris of their fallout, Jenae and Aimee must determine which is more important: the mistakes littering their past or the fragile hope for their future.

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